Express Weather

Express Weather designs, implements and manages automatic weather station network according to its client’s need. The infrastructure of Express Weather comprises of world’s leading sensors. Express weather has its own data management technology, they also provide post implementation support to the client as and when they require.

Sensors : Air Temperature | Relative Humidity | Wind Speed | Wind Direction | Rain gauge | Solar Radiation | Canopy Temperature | Leaf Wetness | Soil Moisture

Data Communication protocol: GSM (GPRS, SMS) | Wi-Fi | RF | Satellite

Data frequency: 30 minutes and above as per client’s specification

Data delivery: Over any wireless media viz. web | mobile | Large format display etc.

Express Weather provides weather forecast and map, across geography, round the clock, 365 days. Our forecast data is highly classified according to users’ need, on selected locations around the globe.

Key feature includes: ultra high resolution data | forecast for next seven days in advance | any location on earth | availability of huge weather parameters | severe weather alert

Forecast parameters: Temp | RH | Wind speed | Wind direction | Rain Chance |Rain quantity | Dew point | Cloud cover | Solar radiation | Soil temp. | Evaporation

Data frequency: forecast for every 30 minutes | hour by hour | daily average

Delivery platform: Web & mobile

An interactive ICT based decision support application that caters almost entire value chain of agriculture, through its bespoke modules for farmer, agri input companies, traders, supermarket etc. It is a CRM based platform that pulls and stores primary data from the agricultural field and delivers customize information on weather, disease risk, provides advisory on crop protection, residue management etc. It creates linkages with other stakeholders like input co., supply chain, exporters, super market etc.