Express Weather

Critical weather data generation using robust infrastructure & most advanced weather models

Express Weather generates weather and climate related data from multiple coordinates across the globe, and then further process them under HPC environment to obtain final outputs for very large number of geo-coordinates across Asia, Europe and Africa.

Climate smart agriculture, creating bespoke content for weather risk mitigation

To provide meaningful weather data to the stakeholders, a thorough knowledge on multiple weather related risks is a prerequisite. Based on our understanding of such risks for various stakeholders, we design risk mitigation strategies, customised on crop phenology and micro climatic data.

Farmneed, an innovative platform to effectively manage and mitigate weather related risks across the life cycle of a crop

Early warning on weather-borne disease related risks at plot level resolution, over the web and on handheld devices. Bespoke advisory on risk mitigation 24x7. Easy connect with all other stakeholders in the agricultural value chain.

Express Weather service is designed to cater to diverse needs of various stakeholders in the food and agri value chain

At service level, it promised to provide accuracy and relevancy, while at the product level, it is an integrated ICT platform, ensuring delivery of bespoke content to the stakeholders, thereby confirming economic benefits to the bottom of the pyramid and other actors.